But lo! You say, who could have unleashed such horror onto the internet!? Unapologetically, we step forward, and flail in an alarming manner. For it was us who "challenged" the overwhelming trend of sensible sites, and decided it was time to bring on the insanity.


Erin and Mishki have been close friends for about four years now. Due to an incedent of bribery involving a bowl of chocolate, strawberries, and a packet of chips, Erin is Mishki's Evil Minion. On the whole their skills and sets of interests are very different, but these differences compliment each other.

Image © the little llamas that live in digital cameras and populate the images with pixles.


Affiliation: Ponytail, because he's better.
Born: So long ago she can't remember. Possibly June 1988.
Occupation: Student, hobo.
Hobbies: Pioneering the concept of getting drunk on non-alcoholic apple juice.
Profile: I HATE WRITING PROFILES. Mishki is an avowed nerd, and enjoys spending time reading about history, geology and other such exciting topics. She is spending her twenties engaged in a scintillating combination of travel, studying at the Australian National University and abseiling, and sleeping on someone else's couch.


Affiliation: Beard! *waves her "Yay Mikutavicius!" flag*
Born: October 1988
Occupation: Student, village idiot
Hobbies: Drawing, making websites, learning obscure things
Website: The Noingy's Websneeze
Dubbed by many as “Erinus Clampicus” because of her vice-like hug, Erin is quite short and very pointy. She is always seen wearing yellow, an act that is in equal parts social experiment and madness. Prone to extended periods of smiling, dancing and laughing, she is completing a double degree in science at the Australian National University, and intends to be a proper qualified mad scientist some day.

If you have any questions, comments or contributions to make to this site, feel free to email either of us.