Beardy And Ponytail Dolls
We're too far away to hug Beardy and Ponytail... So we made our own!

Poses Of Doom
A "scientific" look into the larger picture, revealing the hidden meanings to LT United's publicity photographs.

Dress 'Em Up
Ever wanted to dress a helpless Beardy and Ponytail in the silliest clothes imaginable? Now you can in this unique flash game. Now comes with 100% more shoulder accuacy and folate, good for your bones.


LT United: A Tribute
A flash animation that delves into the real words of "We Are The Winners"


AC/DC All About Beardy and Ponytail
An animated response to a comment from Beardy.

This site in Lithuanian media - articles, and comments from Beardy and Ponytail themselves!

The Boat and other things of LT United
Look! It's a boat!

A list of places you should go.

Musical Tributes : Erin's always got music in her head, and enjoys composition despite a complete lack of musical training or knowledge. Click on the following titles and your internet browser should play them: you can also right click "save as" to keep them on your computer.

We Are The Winners vs Nas Ne Dogonyat* (Mp3 format) Our friends have a tradition of re-writing people's favourite songs for their birthdays. This year Mishki and our friend Ben had a joint birthday party, and I thought it would be nice to mix the two songs we sang for them together. Unfortunately, "Nas Ne Dogonyat" by TATU and "We Are The Winners" by LT united were in different keys, with different timing and altogether incompatible instrumentation. It would be insane to combine the two. But that has never stopped Erin before...

Though primarily a visual thinker, she often creates theme tunes to suit various spiffy people.

BEARDY (MIDI format) -This took less than a minute to imagine, and over two days to actually write out. Erin is very happy with it, as it is music in the style of the way she thinks, and attributes its spiff to the wonderment of the man it was based on (Beardy!Love). Ten points to whoever can guess the time signature!

PONYTAIL (MIDI format) - Composed 'caus this is Beard vs Ponytail and Erin can't be biased and just do one... And Ponytail is spiffy too. *nods*

If you have any musical contributions, and want them put up here too, email dark_pheonix7@hotmail.com :D

* Disclaimer: I don't own either of the componant songs in this horrible mash-up and strongly urge you to buy them and enjoy them seperately and to their full potential. I'm making absolutely NO profit by their being murdered and presented in the dismembered format. I apologize to anyone with any musical sense.