Art of fan, drawing by hand, Ponytail and Beard, looking slightly weird.

Fanart By Erin
Click on the thumbnail for the full image to open up in a new window, exactly the way a happy lumberjack wouldn’t. And before you ask - yes, all of these were drawn by me. I love the challenge of drawing in many (and hopefully mastering a few) styles. PIE!

Title: Fish!

Medium: Pens

Comments: Four years after establishing this site, both Beardy and his wonderful fish-ness are still on my mind :)


Title: Grin!

Medium: Acrylic Paints

Comments: One fine evening I pulled out my much-neglected set of acrylic paints and painted the first thing that came into my head. As usual, it was Beardy (no surprises there). I'm pretty proud of this, considering it is on an A4 page, which is a very small size for portrait paintings in general.

Title: Fly Tie

Medium: Photoshop

Comments: So stylish!

Title: Grumpy

Medium: Photoshop

Comments: Grumpy time! Who knows what they're grumpy about.

Title: Baigeme Mokykla

Medium: Black acrylic paint, pen

Comments: Painted while listening to Baigeme Mokykla, one portrait per track.

Title: Oh no! Leftovers!

Medium: .4 fineliner

Comments: Whatever shall we do! Last night's leftovers have come for vengance!

Title: I'm Bad At Drawing Moustaches

Medium: Pencil

Comments: Not too shabby for a first try. Drawn during Psychology class (ppft, the teacher didn't know who LT United were! I educated her, of course, complete with seamless "We Are The Winners" impression. She was slightly disturbed, but much the wiser for it.)

Title: I'm Also Bad At Curly Hair

Medium: Pencil

Comments: This would be nicer if I could find a decent Ponytail picture where he wasn't looking down, but in the interests of keeping this site balanced, I had to make do with the reference picture. Witness my inability to sketchcurlyish hair.*pout*

And, by popular demand...
Title: The L.T. United portraits from "We Are The Fishes"
Medium: Macromedia Flash
Comments: A very time-consuming, but fun project that I'm bally proud of.

Title: The Ultimate Crossover

Medium: .4 fineliner, photoshop

Comments: LT United, Lord of the Rings, X-Men drawn in Marvel Comics style. And just to confuse you, neither beard nor ponytail is present upon their lovely heads. Ha ha ha ha!

If you're interested, you can see the pencilling stage here, or the plain lines here.

Title: Invader... Zim?

Medium: .4 fineliner, photoshop

Comments: Invader Zim style! Ah, there's nothing like geometric heads to confuse the masses. Click here to see the cartoon style this picture was based upon.

Title: Traffic Cone with Beardy

Medium: .4 fineliner, black texta, photoshop

Comments: More traffic cone love! Witness an off-balance Beardy. Who wouldn't fall over backwards because of their wonderfulness?

Yay for traffic cones!

Title: Traffic Cone with Ponytail

Medium:.4 fineliner, black texta, photoshop

Comments: Traffic cones! Everyone loves them! They're so useful, especially for redirecting traffic. They remind me of my hat. Anime-style traffic cones are especially enjoyable. So here is one, posing with Ponytail for those who like that kind of thing.

Title: Singing

Medium:.4 fineliner, black texta, photoshop

Comments: Though it was 11:00pm, I knew I couldn't sleep until I'd drawn this. Even though it meant that the next morning I needed an extra cup of coffee to wake up, I rather think it was worth it :D

Title: Enthusiastic Winner(s)

Medium: Pencil

Comments: I love that bit - his shirt neatly makes the Eurovision heart symbol thing :D

Drawn during English, not that I wasn't paying attention to the teacher... *cough* ...

Title: Economy of line, brother

Medium: .4 fineliner, texta

Comments: On the bus home, the person sitting across the isle from me had a T-shirt with a picture on the front. It was a very interesting picture of a person, but used very simple lines and block shadows. I decided to try the style out.

Title: Gesture!

Medium: Photoshop

Comments: I'm terrible at "movement" shots...

... so it's about time I began to improve. Beardy's wonderful hand gestures seemed as good a place as any to start honing my skills.

Title: Oh No! Bees!

Medium: Photoshop

Comments: *laughs insanely* look! Bees!


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Look! They're flying right past and ignoring Beardy and Ponytail! HA HA HA HA HA!

... I find this much too amusing.

Title: Help!

Medium: .4 fineliner

Comments: I like the movie "Help! I'm A Fish". I also like Beardy and Ponytail. Therefore this is entirely logical.

Title: Powerpuff LT

Medium: .4 fineliner, Photoshop

Comments: Aww, aren't they cute (if deformed)?

Click here to see examples of "Powerpuff Girls", a cartoon emulated in this picture.

Title: Watercolour

Medium: children's watercolours

Comments: I finished my term's work ten minutes early, and I found two scraps of watercolour paper on the floor undereath my chair. So I painted this, from memory, with a rather ragged brush. Actual image size is about 6x8cm. Alas, brown was the only colour of watercolour paint that wasn't used up. (yes, it doen't look much like Beardy, but I've done very little work in watercolour, so go easy)

Title: Watercolour #2

Medium: children's watercolours

Comments: Yup, I stuffed up the entire mouth region (I did the same with the first painting, but hid it behind a beard). This was done in less than three minutes, I'll have you know. I feel strangely proud about that.

Title: Miffy (yes, I have hit rock bottom)

Medium: .4 fineliner, photoshop

Comments: Was that the sound of any artistic respect rapidly running away?

Miffy is a popular cartoon show for small children. Click here to see the rabbit herself (see, I'm not entirely mad)

Title: Noodles!

Medium: .4 fineliner, photoshop

Comments: Am I not genius - Ponytail and Beardy in the super-reflective, ultra-stylised world of Japanese noodle advertisments. Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Title: Mecha

Medium: .4 fineliner, photoshop

Comments: Beardy, Ponytail and impratical suits of armor. Ah, how wonderful.

Title: Aspire

Medium: Photoshop

Comments: There is a nice story about this one. During one of my classmate's English oral presentation, which was about a poem, as a member of the audience I was asked to close my eyes and picture something triggered by the word "aspire". I couldn't really describe it when asked to, so during my next lesson (two hours of Graphic Design, a unit I finished weeks early) I painted what I pictured in Photoshop with a mouse... And it turned out to be this. Awww. I'm a romatic at heart! (romantic coupled with a psychadelic colour sense. Heh heh.)

Title: Generic Anime Portrait #1

Medium: .4 fineliner, Photoshop

Comments: Yep, my mind was on the work I was supposed to be doing in Maths. I was definitely intent on Pythagoras and not at all thinking about Marijonas' hairline. And I wasn't colouring this on Photoshop - I was researching an Art essay. Yep. I was in no way preoccupied with anything Lithuanian.

Title: Generic Anime Portrait #2

Medium: .4 fineliner, Photoshop

Comments: And, just with the above picture, I was definately 100% intent on the lesson. All my attention was on the teacher. I wasn't even thinking of drawing. ....*cough*...

Title: Ye Spiffy Portrait Of Finalment

Medium: Photoshop painting

Comments: So. Much. Detail. Two days on a single eye alone. Fifteen cups of coffee valiently died to bring you this portrait. This was painted from a reference picture, but wasn't traced in any way. If you want to see how it was done, click here to see various WIP shots. My poor right hand hurts.

Title: Another Portrait Of Finalment

Medium: Photoshop painting

Comments: Finally done!

That's it. I'm not doing another picture like this for at least a month. I feel as Photoshop-paintinged-out as a chicken born without knees. Yay?

Title: Very Silly

Medium: .4 fineliner, Photoshop

Comments: Drawn simply because I can. Hoorah for ham and octopi!


Thanks go to for some simply breathtaking reference pictures.

Title: Flash Various

Medium: Macromedia Flash

Comments: Various small pictures from the silly AC/DC sort of animation Mishki and I made.

Title: The Teapot Of Doom

Medium: Macromedia Flash

Comments: There is a teapot of doom in the full version, if you dare look... Another picture from the silly AC/DC sort of animation Mishki and I made.

Title: Lietuva

Medium: Macromedia Flash

Comments: A final picture from the silly AC/DC sort of animation Mishki and I made.

Title: The Teapot Of Doom

Medium: Macromedia Flash

Comments: There is a teapot of doom in the full version, if you dare look... Another picture from the silly AC/DC sort of animation Mishki and I made.


Fanart By Mishki
In the right conditions, Erin can force some drawing from Mishki.

Title: NOT Beardy

Medium: Pencil

Comments: Bribed with the lure of a nice Ponytail portrait form Erin, Mishki grudgingly drew this picture.

Do you have any Beard or Ponytail fanart you wish to share? Email Erin at with your work attached, and she'll put it on this page.