Guaranteed the world’s silliest site about these wonderful Lithuanian men of spiff! Never before has such a collection of art and literature and STUFF been created and compiled. This may or may not be a good thing.

NOTE: Under no circumstances is the content to be taken seriously - it is merely the silly exploration of our love for these people of spiff. Yes, we are aware that both Marijonas and Victor do not consistently have a beard or ponytail, and that their names aren't actually Beardy and Ponytail. This does not matter.

Wow, the years have flown by. 2006 is a distant memory, but for that sweet moment when LT United showed us they were the winners of Eurovision (and indeed, everything, forever). An update to this site is long overdue!


Latest additions:
- More links in the links section
- More fanart
- Update of Beardy's profile

Last update date:
June 30th, 2010.

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ANOTHER NOTE: Now Erin and Mishki have officially graduated from college, we have a lot more time for important things and there will be a lot more content being added to this site. Visit regularly to enjoy the updates!

So run forth, explore the sections, educate yourselves, and most of all: Do Not Lie On An Elephant's Chair. You will be squished*.

*Squishing may or may not occur.